Casa da Torre

1 Room  1 Shower room  2 pax  WiFi  Air Conditioning  BBQ  Equipped kitchen  Outside seating and dinning areas  Vegetable garden  Natural swimming pond

In the Torre stood the probable tower of the fortification, leaning on the wide walls that form the square design well visible around the whole house.
In more recent times it was where the fennel mats, rolled with the figs inside, were collected during the rainy nights, and during the day they were opened for drying.
It was also here where the girls who came from the Alentejo to harvest the figs, used to sleep.
Dr. Queiroz, from the family who owned the farm until 1932, remembered hearing from his family during his childhood that masons had been secretly gathered in the Tower, just as before, during the “miguelist wars”, many conspirators hid.
But certainties, we have only about the beautiful Moor of the Legend of the Treason Door that combed here his long black hair at dusk and where she fell in love with the beautiful Christian soldier that hide in the carob tree in front.

The “Casa da Torre”, with a wide view to the north, west and south. Has a bedroom with two single beds that can be transformed in a double bed, bathroom and living room with kitchenette.