2 Rooms  1 Shower room  4 pax  WiFi  Air Conditioning  BBQ  Equipped kitchen  Outside seating and dinning areas  Vegetable garden  Natural swimming pond

Vacaria was where cows would stay for the night. The stage where the mezzanine floor is today served as a storage room.
The current sink was built in such a way as to remember the old mangers that were there.
Noteworthy are the Manueline columns that line the entrance door and may have been the result of reuse after the earthquake of 1755.
People in the area have always referred to the existence of a ‘door of betrayal’ or ‘secret’, although their location was unknown. During the recovery of this dependence we found that it was embedded in the front wall that gives to the Casa dp Vigia, already inside the fortification. Note the inscribed plaque above. Associated with this the door there is a legend of a love story between a Moorish and a Christian who fled away on a dark moon night.

Today it has two single beds in the mezzanine’s first floor that can also be used as a double bed. In the first floor there is a bathroom, a living room and a kitchenette.