Duo Lundú – Mezzosoprano and Romantic Guitar, with Daniela Tomaz

In the XIX century, with the rise of the bourgeoisie its importance and influence in the world of arts, chamber music became popular in the private European salons. It is in this context that a new song genre emerged in the Portuguese musical scene that quickly gained popularity. “Modinhas” became the private salon song par excellence in Portugal, as well as “Lundum”, a style of song that derived from an Afro-Brazilian dance. The evolution of these songs took place on a constant journey between Portugal and Brazil and resulted in a fusion of styles whose sonority captivated the listeners in the courts in Portugal and Brazil, as well as in the salons of the upper bourgeoisie. Of amorous subject, a syncopated rhythm accompanied the exaggeratedly romantic and languid phrasing, enfolding the song with an exotic sonority. Accompanied by harpsichord or guitar, it is believed that this genre of song was at the origin of “Fado”. The “Modinha” had also an evolution incorporating the sound typical from the Italian opera, in vogue at that time. The popularity of this style of song was confirmed in several chronicles of distinguish foreigners traveling in Portugal. This recital allowed the public to be introduced to an important part of the Portuguese classical music of the XIX century, with the interpretation of some of the most popular “modinhas” and emblematic composers, accompanied by the sound of a XIX century romantic guitar and by Daniela Tomaz, the special invited guest that played flute and percussion.