Natural Swimming Pond

Quinta das Alagoas has a natural swimming pond with a zone reserved for swimming and 3 treatment zones for plants that oxygenate, filter and remove the nutrients from the water. Unlike a traditional pool where mechanical equipment is used to filter and chemicals are added to annihilate life, a natural swimming pond functions as a living ecosystem. In case of imbalance, the predators that feed on the pathogens are already present in the water.

The experience of swimming in a natural swimming pond without harsh chemicals, with a fresh and very soft water, being able to observe all the animal and vegetal life around the space is unforgettable!

What is a natural swimming pond? A natural swimming pond is an artificial bath lake, waterproofed by a high quality fabric. It is composed of a bathing area and zones for the purification of water by biological processes.

How does a natural swimming pond work?Natural swimming ponds are copies of a biotype: we can compare them to a lake in the mountains, with no industry or intensive farming around, clean water, and low nutrient soils.

Inside this lake there are plants that look very lush. Light that passes easily through crystalline water provides the energy for photosynthesis. Underwater plants, specialized for this environment, produce oxygen during the day, so that from their leaves we can be seen bubbles of oxygen.



A natural swimming pond meets the needs of plants, which can create and maintain transparent water conditions and with oxygen values ​​equivalent to or greater than those of an artificial lake. Under these conditions no colonies of dangerous microorganisms are established.

All the natural ponds have a swimming zone and several areas for plants. Because of this separation, users will not be in contact with plants, in which small animals, such as frogs and insects, may find shelter.

Since this pond is a copy of what we can find in nature, it is normal that it contains organisms of the micro-fauna and other animals useful to its operation, thus making it also a place of observation and discovery.

How effective is a natural swimming pond? A natural pond offers naturalized water of bathing quality for its users. Since a biological system cannot be switched on or off with a switch, it takes some time to install and balance. Usually it is possible to use the natural pond from the moment its filling reaches the maximum water level, the water shows transparency to the bottom and has already installed the purification plants.

What is the responsibility of the owner of the natural swimming pond? To ensure the long-term functioning of the natural pond, it is important to respect the rules of use and the intended capacity, avoiding overcharges and following the maintenance plan. The water is analyzed regularly in a biochemical laboratory, an annual cleaning is made by specialized divers and throughout the year several underwater films are made, to control the development of the plants.

To maintain the good quality of the water and the natural pond, it is necessary to respect some simple rules of behavior: All users of the natural pond must take a shower before entering the water and avoid using tanning creams. This reduces the possible introduction of sunscreens, nutrients, skin bacteria and pathogenic germs.

It is strongly recommended that sick people (who suffer from contagious diseases, infections, diarrhea, or with open wounds) do not bathe in the natural pond.
The biological pool is not guarded, so it is a place where children must be accompanied by their parents. Children who do not know how to swim must wear inflatable armbands. There is a fence that prevents access and accidents. Plant zones are reserved for plants! To clean and oxygenate the water in the natural pond, they need no negative impacts (they cannot be stepped on, ripped off, you cannot swim or use floating rubber toys in their areas, etc.). Do not let pets enter the water. Especially dogs can ruin plants and introduce dirt in large quantities. It is forbidden to take dogs to the natural pond or the surrounding area. In the event of waterfowl occurring regularly, appropriate measures must be taken to move them away from the water.
Never put fish in the biological pool! Fish can spoil the very sensitive balance of a natural pond in an instant. No animal species should be introduced. Even frogs will appear only by their own initiative and choice!

It is prohibited to bring or consume drinks or food near the natural pond!