JAZz na Quinta: a Morphosis Concert

Quinta das Alagoas is very pleased to organize, at the time of the “Maias” celebration in our region, a Jazz Concert in our farm.

The “Maias” are a local tradition that celebrates Spring, while exorcizes evil spirits and has roots in Roman and Celtic traditions. Large rag dolls were filled with rye straw and bran, dressed in old clothes, adorned with flowers and arranged in crossing sites with popular verses, satirical sayings and social jokes. Doors, windows and balconies were decorated with branches of yellow gorse, to “not let May come in.”

To Hugo Alves, for whom we have the greatest admiration, and to João Frade, for whom we have a great expectation, we thank their availability to be among us. To Orquestra de Jazz do Algarve we thank the collaboration for organizing this event of project Morphosis. The Morphosis project gives wings to improvisation on themes written thinking about the potentialities of the trumpet and the accordion. The author of the project, Hugo Alves, invites João Frade to a duet in which they will explore original themes and that began with North American Standards.