Jazzing the standards in Quinta das Alagoas

A walk through the history of Jazz with interpretations full of creativity and experience by Zé Eduardo and Hilaria Kramer. The concert started by Duke Ellington, went through film music we all know as Cheek to Cheek, Moon River, Meglio Stasera, Somewhere Over the Rainbow or Chim Chim Cher-ee and ended with the great composers from Mingus to Gillespie and the influences on Jazz by the rhythms of the world.

At the end we tasted wine from Tras -os- Montes, Douro and Alentejo, cheese and cottage cheese from Serpa and many delights from the farm:

Almond paté with marjoram and ginger. Nuts paté with coriander. Spelt bread, rye bread (with organic flour). Purple carrot and coriander carrots. Raw horseradish, cabbage stalk, radish and chives.

Natural figs with toasted and brown almonds. Chickpea as grandmother Rosa used to do. Marmalade as aunt Piedade made. Oriental delight (sweet pumpkin with ginger). Brazilian delight (sweet pumpkin with coconut). Traditional candy figs with chocolate and fennel.