Reviver o Al-Garb

In the troubled times we live in, we find of the greatest importance to highlight three cultures that form a fundamental part of the European cultural root. These cultures with a common past and near origins were able to live together over long periods, particularly in this great Sagres cape where Quinta das Alagoas is located. We think that today the values of diversity in culture are more important than ever. So we welcomed Eduardo Ramos, Joaquim Pedro Galvão and Rui Afonso that in this concert “Reviver o Al-Garb” interpreted musical pieces and sang Arab poets of Al-Andalusian Al-Garb, composed by Eduardo Ramos, as well as musical medieval pieces from Christian and Jewish Sephardic cultures from centuries XI to XIII.

After this Concerto na Eira we served some food with Arab, Jewish and Moçarabe inspiration.