Quinta das Alagoas and International Light Year

Quinta das Alagoas associates to the International Year of Light! Last May 16 we made an experimental session of solar observation with several friends.

We will soon promote several sessions dedicated to safe solar observation:

Solar photosphere and sunspots through projection and through telescopes equipped with frontal visual optical filter with density 5.0, to reduce the intensity of sunlight in 99.999 % , suitable for observation with high magnification (film Baader AstroSolar ™ , with approval for visual observation by PTB in Germany , in accordance with European standards for vision safety EG 89/686 and EN 169/92 – 0196 ).

Solar chromosphere through telescope with H -Alpha filter, composed by an energy rejection filter that blocks the passage of ultraviolet and infrared radiation and a filter that blocks all wavelengths except the band centered at 6562.8 Angstrom with a bandwidth of less than 0.75 Angstrom.