Piazolla, Galliano e Fancelli interpreted by Francisco Monteiro, featuring Sérgio Timkiv

The last Summer concert, in Quinta das Alagoas, brought us the flavors of Argentine tango spiced by jazzy flavors in a superb interpretation full of youth of Francisco Monteiro and Sergio Timkiv.

Despite being only 16 years old, Francisco Monteiro revealed not only the skills and qualities already demonstrated and which led in particular to the final of the “Portugal Got Talent” contest, but also a great sensitivity, particularly in the extraordinary way “Revelation,” the final piece of the concert by composer Sergei Voytenko, was played.

At the end of the concert, as usual, we had the possibility of tasting several products of the farm, a selection of cheeses from Serpa region, accompanied by a young red wine “Duas Quintas” from Douro region and an aged white wine “Esporão Private Selection” from Alentejo region.