Fig campaign in Quinta das Alagoas

Since middle of August that we have been busy picking the figs and so we have not had much time to give news.

Cestos com figos
Cestos com figos

During the harvesting we separate the figs by different containers according to their type: the more mature go to one side, the still green for another and we still separate the pecked by birds that are good for fig paste. Finally we pick the dried figs that aleardy fall from the fig trees but are still good for fig paste.

The figs were placed on fennel mats made in the farm. Although traditionally the mats were rolled up at night and unrolled in the morning, we chosed to cover the figs every night with cardboard and plastic to protect them from “branduras” (term used here to describe the night humidity), to reduce labour.

In the morning the mats were uncovered, and the figs turned over and also separated by different maturity states.

Since everyone was busy with figs if was our granddaughter what took care of the garden of flowers!


*Almeixar is the set of mats with figs drying.