Vila do Bispo beaches

If you like the wilder and more deserted beaches, accept our suggestion for 24 beaches in Vila do Bispo.

PraiasVilaBispoFrom Quinta das Alagoas an appetizing selection of beaches awaits you in Vila do Bispo. If your interest is surfing or bodyboarding the Zavial, Tonel, Beliche, Ponta Ruiva or Cordoama beaches offer generally the best conditions.

Start at the beach of Burgau, then follow the agricultural road until the turnoff to the beach of Cabanas Velhas, with the battery to the east. Continue the road and visit the Almádena Fort with its magnificent view.

Go through the beach of Boca do Rio, and at its western point you will find the ruins of a Roman fishing center that included salting tanks and a sea port, from which they were removed the tiles currently displayed at the Museum of St. António in Lagos.

The tsunami resulting from the November 1, 1755 earthquake put on view the ruins of this village. Occupied since the mid of first century, there were produced fish preparations, such as garum. A Roman oven is still visible on the slope.

Leaving the beach of Boca do Rio take the left to Salema beach with its dinosaur footprints described in the section of circuits.


Salema beach

Go through this fishing village and take the municipal road towards Figueira. Access to the beach of Figueira requires a short walk through a small beautiful valley (We thank our friend Veronika Kristofcsak the beautiful photos!)

From the village of Figueira is an indication to the beach Furnas.

Praia das Furnas
Praia das Furnas

Follow the small road to Hortas do Tabual and there turn left to the beach of

Praia do Zavial
Praia do Zavial

Continue to the small but beautiful bay Ingrina beach. Following to Raposeira you will find a standing menhir at your left and several menhirs laying down on your right.

You can also try the beach of Barranco, turning left just before the Raposeira village.

Praia do Barranco
Praia do Barranco

If you follow now to Sagres by the national road 125, you may choose the Martinhal beach, where there was a Roman pottery center which produced amphorae for transporting garum and other fish preparations.Next to Sagres center there is the good and protected from the wind Mareta beach, and near Sagres fortress, the beach of Tonel and, following in the direction of Cape St. Vincent, the beach Beliche, if the staircase does not scare you. The magnificent views of the promontory of Sagres and Cape St. Vincent are magnificent!

The Telheiro beach, near an extraordinary geo-monument, is accessible by a dirt road. About 800 meters after the beach Beliche and before arriving at Cape St. Vincent, turn right on a narrow paved road until you reach an abandoned lot. Turn left and go straight ahead (the road you will find 200 meters to your right following the direction of the beach of Ponta Ruiva), you have to go 1 km on a dirt road, followed by a footpath. The geo-monument is located north of the beach.

From Vila do Bispo take the Ribeira do Poço street, near the Town Hall, towards the beach of Castelejo, with its rock formations and where you can go walking to the beaches of Cordoama and Barriga, on low tide. You can also take the car directly to this beautiful beach, turning right at the junction before the beach of Castelejo. Before returning to this cross section turn right and climb to the top of the hill where you can see a beautiful sunset.

The beach Barriga can be reached going north after the beach Cordoama and, further north, the beautiful beach Murração, the last of the Vila do Bispo beaches.

Praia da Barriga
Praia da Barriga

If you are not frightened by dirt roads make a visit to the beach of Ponta Ruiva. This beach is accessible from Vila do Bispo, moving on instead of turning to the road that leads to Castelejo and Cordoama. Follow the paved road, always on the left, until you reach a dirt road, here turn left and head to a fork with an indication of the Aspa tower to the right, the Ponta Ruiva is to the left. Another possible route is from Sagres, taking the direction of Cape St. Vincent and out toward the Aspa tower.

Praia da Ponta Ruiva

It is worth visiting the viewpoint of Aspa tower for a magnificent panorama over the beaches of Castelejo and Cordoama at north and on the cliffs of Vincentina coast to the south. From this viewpoint enjoy a fabulous sunset.

Praias do Castelejo e Cordoama, vistas do Miradouro da Torre de Aspa

Back to Quinta das Alagoas out of Vila do Bispo be sure to visit the church of Vila do Bispo, Raposeira and especially the chapel of Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe.
If you still have appetite for more beaches of the Costa Vicentina, we advise you to go back to Vila do Bispo and follow the direction of Carrapateira. After Mourantos and Mirouço beaches do not miss the beaches of Amado, Bordeira, Vale Figueiras and Arrifana.